Hey Galveston Business Owners: ​​ here is everything you ever wanted to know about Galveston Web Design. With more than 20 years in digital marketing,

MorMedia is well-versed in what it REALLY takes to reach your local market here in Galveston, TX!We don’t offer cookie cutter services – we are leaps ahead of typical startup agencies. We are also innovative enough to take advantage of effective technology instead of forcing our clients into an old idea of internet marketing. Instead, we implement a customized marketing strategy that meets your local business goals and your budget. As an experienced team, we know what works and what doesn’t. And we can explain why. Not just in Galveston, but any US city.

We LOVE being on the island and supporting local businesses. We ARE local – living and working in Galveston since 2010, and just on the other side of the bay (Seabrook) since 2004. Okay, so we did spend a little time living on a Caribbean island before moving back to our gulf coast island.

We’ve seen so many small businesses start up and shut down in Galveston. It’s heartbreaking to watch someone finally realize their dreams of starting their own business, only to see them shut down for a lack of steady customers. So often, we know we could have helped!The real problem with local advertising in Galveston is local businesses have been convinced there are only a couple ways to reach customers.Print advertising is still very strong here, and there is very little presence of experienced digital marketing.

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​Local Advertising In Galveston

​​Briefly, here is what you should know:

  1. ​Having a presence online is not the same as getting new business in the door.
  2. ​Posting on social media will not get customers walking into your location.
  3. A cheap banner ad on a local website does very little to get your phone ringing.

What’s missing in all three scenarios is a clearly defined audience, one that you can target directly, rather than passively. The truth is, you are not interested in advertising to ALL of Galveston Island.

You are interested in targeting a Galveston audience that wants your product/​service. 

Finding those customers are what we do best! We ​help you ​reach your audience effectively within your budget. ​Galveston Business Owners: ​Call 409-202-8600 to see how your local business can benefit from local marketing updates, and to claim your exclusive Galveston Island marketing incentives.