Somehow social media for real estate agents has become distorted.

Agents are really hungry for good marketing strategies so they browse the popular blogs and newsletters, sign up to get tips via email, and then implement that same old boring marketing that everyone else is doing.

They do this because it’s easy, it’s free, and it gives them hope for getting new business.

The reality is there is no way to see if it is working, and it most likely is not.

Sure, an image of the last property you sold proves that you are a real estate agent. But that’s not really what you clients are most interested in.

I mean, being able to sell a home for someone is kind of a given – this is a minimal expectation of an agent.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are my top 3 tips after working with real estate agencies for more than 20 years.

​Tell A Story

​Dump the boring “Sold!” photo gallery. Dump it today. Instead, tell the story of how you sold “The Smith Family” home fast as Mr. Smith was transferred to another city for his job – as an example. Get Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s permission to post a photo of the family, or the kids in front of the house.

Tell the story of how you got the home listed and sold with X number of days.

Remember, ​new clients already EXPECT that you can sell their home. They are ​more interested in how you will meet their needs as their agent, so tell them the story of how you helped someone else!

​Create The Modern Day “Just Sold” Postcard

​Many of my real estate agency clients say they still mail out postcards to neighbors after selling a home. ​That’s great, but the reality is that folks barely even check their mail anymore. They pay their bills online. They stay in touch with family members via phones and tablets.​

There is really no reason to check the mailbox anymore except to clear out all the junk. So when you mail out postcards, you are ​shelling out cash just to be a part of the junk pile. ​

Did you know you can target a ​Facebook ad right down to ​a specific neighborhood? Including the one you just mailed out junk postcards, and for about the same price?This is the modern (and most cost effective) way to reach the neighbors of a house that just sold.

​Client Testimonials

​It’s closing time. You have your clients hold a “Sold” sign and you take a picture. Then you post the image on social media.

Okay, so this is not a bad idea.But imagine if you just switch over to video and get a 20 second clip of your clients talking about how easy the process was with you.

Ask them if you can post the video​. Then post the picture AND the video. There is no better salesperson than a happy client!​Get a small collection of these short videos and you will be sitting on the gold mine of “social proof”.