​Do Local Facebook Ads Really Work?

​We recently started focusing exclusively on Facebook advertising for local businesses because they are so effective. ​You can use ads ​to grow ​your company’s brand, increase local community awareness, and (most importantly) to get more customers through your door. We’ve been approached by local businesses who have tried just about every type of marketing. They ​used banner ads, magazine ads, sponsored local events and advertised in the local newspaper. Some have even taken a quick try at Twitter boosts, Google AdWords and Facebook ads. Their failed advertising is not because they haven’t tried.Their failures have happened because they lack expertise.It’s because of these experiences that most brick and mortar businesses are reluctant to spend money on internet marketing and advertising.On the other hand. local business owners tend to hurl cash at offline advertising that has no real strategy and no way to measure results.

How do you know ​something is working if you aren’t calculating the effectiveness of your advertisements?Advertising online is undoubtedly one of the best ways to persuade offline decisions.

Today the absolute best platform for that is Facebook. It is by the most cost effective and has sophisticated targeting that you simply will not find anywhere else. It goes without saying, Facebook is the world’s most popular social network (more than 2 billion active users) offers cheap, highly-targeted advertising specifically for local businesses. Not only that, but you are advertising on a trusted platform that customers are already ​using. Facebook ads don’t require a search, or even a current interest in a local business. They simply have to be set up with the ideal message to the ideal audience. Get that strategy right ​so you ​can connect with your customer before they ever leave home.

​Don’t Boost Posts

​Boosting posts is a complete waste of time, and money. Good advertising persuades a specific consumer to take a specific action – RIGHT NOW. By using specific targeting and split testing your ads, you can generate more traffic and customers in as little as one day.

​Just Get Them Through The Door

​One of the biggest mistakes we see with Ad DIY’ers is picking their advertising objectives incorrectly. Don’t waste money on building awareness about your location, product or services. Instead, aim your ad directly for the action takers. Create an incentive to get them in your door, or on ​the phone. Create events surrounding your business, then create ads that promote ‘VIP Passes’ to the event. People love to feel like they are special, and nothing says “special” like “VIP”.Another example might be free membership for one month at a gym or a free personal training lesson. The idea is to get the client in the door, then sell them a monthly membership. People LOVE something for FREE – or nearly free. You see, that new visitor to the gym really does want a full membership, and a free offer is a perfect incentive to get them in the door.

​Two Facebook Ad Secrets​

The best part of advertising on Facebook is the ability to target custom audiences, and the ability to identify those audiences from previous advertising. The second best part of advertising on Facebook is a retargeting campaign. This gives you the ability to engage with people who have already viewed your website or Facebook pages. Can you get any more targeted than someone who is already interested in your business? In a word, No.

​Facebook Ads That Work

​Successful ad campaigns tend to work equally well among an industry (if set up correctly). In other words, a chiropractor who has success on Facebook in one town means that a chiropractor in another town will also see good results. There are a number of industries that do particularly well. The best way to tell is to ask an expert. Contact Us and tell us a little about your business in your town. We can usually tell you in the scope of a phone call whether or not your business will work with Facebook ad campaigns.