What is Local SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So naturally local SEO is the same done specifically for local business in a city or region.

This is critically important if you own a small business because visibility is essential when someone is searching for you. Investing in local

SEO is absolutely the best investment a small business can make and should be considered before any other local advertising.


Because in our world today, everyone is attached to their phone. It is no secret that ​more than 90% of consumers go online before deciding on a local product, service, restaurant or place.

Galveston Local SEO

Your best opportunity to connect with these consumers comes from being seen in the top placement with good reviews and content, and in getting display in Google maps and other GPS apps.

Local SEO is designed to help you connect with these consumers at the precise moment that are searching for you.

When customers use search functions on their phone, search engines like Google give them a list of websites that are relevant to the keywords entered in the search.

Want More Local Business? You Need Local SEO Services.

Local SEO Lawn Care

Ultimately all buying decisions come down to solving a problem. When someone searches online they are looking to solve their problem now.

There simply isn’t a more targeted customer than one who is looking for you right now. So you MUST be visible to that customer. By visible, we mean in search engines like Google - so your website needs to be optimized for the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

To make it local, there are a number of additional steps needed after the basic SEO tasks. Your business needs citations, NAP, and optimization for your business on Google.

Making sure all of your local SEO factors are optimized helps boost your business listing so that Google shows your results in local maps and search results.

Local searches very often include a city name or sometimes the phrase “near me.”

These customers are looking for businesses near their geographical location. This is called “geo-targeted” and this triggers the Google My Business listings and Google Maps listings.

If your business doesn’t appear on these properties for a targeted search, you are definitely losing business!

How To Do Local SEO?

​At MorMedia, in addition to web design we use several different local SEO strategies depending on the needs of your business and the level of local competition. These may include:

  • Local SEO Competitor Analysis
  • Building and Monitoring Online Citations
  • Publishing Optimized Content On Your ​Website
  • Optimizing and Managing Your Google Business Account (GMB)
  • Local SEO Analysis and Identifying Opportunities For Improvement

​How Does Local SEO Work?

​Google and other search engines realize that users are looking for specific services and products near them. Over half of all Google searches have local intent.

How does that impact your business? Potential customers are searching for your services within your service area and could find you if you boost your local SEO!

With better rankings in search engines like Google, you’ll get more visits to your website, more phone calls, more visits,  and more business for your company.

  • Local SEO is how you increase your website rankings in search results and the local pack
  • Local SEO drives the highest conversion rates of all local advertising channels because the online searcher is a highly motivated customer ready to purchase or visit you
  • Local SEO helps mobile users easily find your business, in search engines, local directories, or social media channels
  • Local SEO is necessary to get your business listed on Google maps and other navigational applications like GPS and geo suggestions

How To Improve Local SEO

​If you have a local business, your time is consumed with day to day operations. If you want more local customers then make the investment and ​partner a local SEO company to handle this for you.

MorMedia manages your local SEO campaign using years of successful expert knowledge, current industry insights and professional tools to understand your business from a local perspective, analyze your competition and current marketing, evaluate your local presence online and then create an overall strategy to get your more customers.

Getting and staying visible at the top of the search engines has a tremendous impact on your business and can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making profit and growing your business.

How Effective is Social Media For Local SEO?

​Successful local SEO strategies are definitely boosted by social media properties such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Instagram, TripAdvisor, etc.

While posting on social media helps you stay relevant with followers, it’s the listing itself that helps with local SEO.

So you need to make sure ALL of your online media presents consistent [[NAP]] and locally optimized content to signal that you are legitimately the best choice in town when your customer searches Google.

How Long Does Local SEO Take To See Results?

There is definitely a time delay when building local SEO but in most cases you will begin to see some results within a couple of weeks, a month at the maximum.

Local SEO is a long-term solution, but once it is implemented it brings tremendous results in the way of more website traffic, more new customers/clients, and increase revenue for your business.

Through proper building and management of SEO, your local business can continue to grow by analyzing results and competitive opportunities.

​Galveston Local SEO: Do I Really Need It For My Business?

Does your business match any of the following criteria? Then you need local SEO!

  1. ​You have a local company
  2. You have a ​business ​with customers in ​specific service areas
  3. You are a franchisee or franchise owner
  4. You want more traffic, leads, and sales within ​​your market area​s
  5. You ​need consistent NAP listings across online directories and local citation sources
  6. You want your ​business to show up on maps and navigation apps, ​or in the Google "local pack"
  7. ​You have ​offices or provide services in more than one city or ​area - ​​but not nationwide