For years I’ve been discussing the lack of purposeful use from Adobe Flash.

When it was first created by Macromedia in the mid 1990s it was a perfect tool to incorporate animation and multimedia onto a webpage, even if it did require a clunky browser plugin to be used.

Fast forward 20 years and technology has caught up. It’s easier than ever to use moving visual images online.

Although I’ve always been a big fan of Macromedia product from back in the day (I’m a former employee), I have never liked Flash websites. Mainly because they required the plugin (did I mention it was bad?) and because it contradicted everything a website was designed to be.

Many years ago Adobe bought Macromedia and I’m happy to report that as of December 2020, they will no longer provide support for the Flash Plugin.

Yay, Flash has finally died.

Long live HTML, CSS, and php.

Let’s create some real websites.