Flash Websites Are Bad

For years I’ve been discussing the lack of purposeful use from Adobe Flash. When it was first created by Macromedia in the mid 1990s it was a perfect tool to incorporate animation and multimedia onto a webpage, even if it did require a clunky browser plugin to be used. Fast forward 20 years and technology […]

Galveston Web Design

What is Web Design? ​Web design is the process of planning, creating and maintaining a website which covers a wide spectrum of uses – technically speaking. ​Most likely in your case, web design refers to a website for your small business used mainly as both a promotional tool and a resource for your clients or […]

Facebook Advertising Works Quickly and Within Budget

Let’s face it, the way to grow and succeed as a small business is to get more customers. Very often, business owners aren’t sure how to go about that as they are consumed with day to day tasks of running their business. Galveston online advertising for local businesses is the perfect way to get in […]