​We Love Galveston!

About Galveston TX

MorMedia Group works with small businesses nationwide. And we are very fond of our local businesses and our island paradise where we offer digital marketing strategies including Galveston web design and local SEO services.Galveston is a really special place with a welcoming mindset. Although many well-meaning visitors may debate it, Galveston IS an island, just south of the Texas mainland across Galveston Bay.​​Galveston Island has a thriving tourism industry as well as a proud and rich history. There are so many things to do in Galveston and so many interesting things to learn about our favorite place, we’ve highlighted just a few in this page all about Galveston.We reveal some of the most interesting, important, and relevant parts of the island which of course are all up for debate. We divided them into several sections for easier consumption.

Galveston History

Galveston, Texas has an amazing history. The island was once a refuge for pirates. It also unexpectedly lost over 6,000 citizens overnight in one the deadliest hurricanes on record known as the “1900 Storm”.  Galveston has always persevered and has had a flourishing economy due to the leadership of forward thinkers, financial investors, and local leadership.

Galveston Pirates

Galveston Island was once a refuge and hideout for pirates in the Gulf of Mexico. Legend has it that many treasures were buried here. The most famous of these pirates was Jean Lafitte.

Galveston Museums

There are many museums and exhibits you can visit to learn more about the rich and diverse history of Galveston and it’s inhabitants. Don’t miss the Rosenberg Library and the The Bryan Museum.

Galveston Historic Homes

The east end of Galveston Island is known for it’s numerous historic homes, some of which survived the 1900 Storm, and many more that have been established since then. One of the greatest things about Galveston is seeing these homes standing for a century or more with amazing details and gigantic rooms. You can catch some of these during the Historic Homes Tour every year in Galveston.

Galveston Beaches

There’s no mystery: Galveston is known for the beaches. There are several different beach areas each offering something unique. From East Beach to Seawall Boulevard to West End Beach Pocket Parks, check out the different beach experiences you can have on the island. Here is the quick guide to Galveston beaches.

​Where To Stay In Galveston

It seems like we repeat ourselves in every category when we say there are a lot of different options, but it is true. You can choose from historic downtown or beachfront hotels with unique charm and class. Or choose a beachfront rental or condo. Whatever suits you there are plenty of places to stay in Galveston!

Galveston ​Restaurants

Aside from a few fast food drive-thru places, you won’t find the usual chains here and Galveston likes it that way. Instead you get to try something different and unique with just about every place you go. Many restaurants in Galveston offer original menu items and atmospheres to go with them. Any given season you can catch at least one local restaurant on the Travel Channel or a show about local dives. Naturally, Galveston is known for restaurants on the water and there is plenty to chose from wherever you are on the island. We have Mexican restaurants, renowned seafood restaurants, specialty dining on The Strand, and lots of places in between!

Things To Do In Galveston

So many things to do, so little time. If you are here for a visit, you are probably already planning your next visit.  Here are some family fun things to do in Galveston, some cool places for live music, a guide to shopping on The Strand, fun in the water at Schlitterbahn or Moody Gardens, What you can do on Pleasure Pier right over the water, indoor fun and more. There are so may attractions to fill up your vacation plus fun tours and ghost stories at night! Spend a day at the beach, spend a day playing, spend a day learning. There are so many great things about Galveston.

​How To Get To Galveston

​​From the north it’s pretty simple, you follow I-45 South until it ends. Take Harborside exit to go to the port, Broadway exit to go east or downtown, 61st Street exit to go to beaches or the west end. 

Coming in from the east you can choose the alternate more scenic route from Winnie to Hwy 87, then West to the ferry. This can take forever depending on the ferry line. It’s not advisable to take this route when we have had heavy rainfall during high tide. Coming from the west it’s better to get to I-45S unless you are already in Lake Jackson or eastward. Just take Hwy 87 along the beach. It’s a beautiful scenic drive, but it takes a long time to get to Galveston. There is a toll as you come onto the island at the San Luis bridge.