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How Much Cash Are You Burning Every Month?

Fact: 90% of new customers are searching for you online.

Fact: If you aren’t on page 1 of search results, you just lost another sale.

So, How much cash are you burning every month that you are not ranknig on page 1?

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Local SEO Company

Mormedia Local SEO company

A local seo company drives more targeted customers to your website based on your budget and competition.

Local vs National

The same standard rules apply for local business SEO, but there are a few additional considerations specific to marketing in your local city or region.

Aside from the usual Onpage SEO, you also need to send some strong signals to Google and other web properties to let them know you are a legitimate company operating in your area. These signals represent authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search websites.

You can do this with geo-tagging, setting up local citations for your business, and getting some good links back to your website from other local sites. But get this wrong, and you could make things a lot worse for yourself!

That’s why finding the right local seo company is an important and crucial first step.

Local SEO Services

The whole purpose of working with a a full-service SEO agency is to get your website seen online. We help you do this by optimizing your entire online presence, including your website.

Affordable local seo services don’t have to be overly complicated, but the results you expect should be measurable, and should produce a profit.

Don’t ever spend a dime on website traffic, instead focus your dollars on website customers!

Here are some SEO services that a typical local marketing agency might suggest for you…

Higher Rankings on Search Engines

The best local SEO campaigns starts with an optimized Google listing. Over the years, we have developed expertise for small businesses that is ideal for creating, verifying and optimizing your online presence.

Accurate and complete information on Google and other major websites is one of the most important parts of local search engine optimization. These days, accurate details about your business are more valuable than having a full page display ad in the yellow pages back in the day – and those were expensive!

In addition to complete business information, there are a numerous SEO services available that can help your business. Here are a few key topics:

Keyword Research

Identify and target valuable search terms for geo-targeted local searches. These are the exact words that your customers are typing into Google right now. The best local SEO keyword research will account for the competitiveness and difficulty of ranking particular search phrases, and evaluate your potential ROI for seo.

Tip: Make sure you select keywords that show “buyer intent”. More on that later.

Page Optimization

Turn every important page of your website into an SEO machine (aka a customer-generating machine) with powerful content, structuring and formatting. Then watch the customers roll in!

Quality Links

A link to your site from local and reputable websites is like casting a vote for your business and helps considerably in search engine rankings. Stay away from spammy links, this will bring your site down fast!

Google Maps Optimization

Understanding the best way to create your Google maps listing puts you in the spotlight for local customer searches.

Local Citations

Accuracy and consistency are the keys in this case. Verifying and correcting local citations MUST be done correctly or they are a complete waste of time. For local businesses, this is a crucial initial step.

Website Architecture

Fix and fine-tune website code, meta data, and content formatting.

SEO Copywriting

Creating great content is essential. Integrate keywords into textual content – so you can have top page rankings. Remember, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are really just computers. They need words in order to understand what a web page is all about. Make sure you feed them the content (words) they easily understand. It’s both and art and a science.

Image Optimization

Ensure your website images can be found by search engines. This is an important step is that is often overlooked.

Local SEO Citations

Local citations are those that appear on review sites, other local websites, local search directories and more. They always include your business name, business address, and your company phone number. Collectively, this information is referred to as NAP in local marketing.

Listings like these help boost your search engine optimization and tells major search engines “We are legit!” It’s very important to check and verify the accuracy of your NAP listings, as this can really make a difference in search results.

Local SEO Agency for Small Businesses

Find a Local SEO Expert

We have 20 years experience in the business of building and marketing websites for our clients. We work with small businesses as well as individuals. Our industry expertise lies in working with real estate agents, lawyers/attorneys, medical practitioners, and service professionals. But honestly, we can work with ANY small business that wants to reap the incredible rewards from an optimized website!

Avoid SEO Hype and Unrealistic Promises

We base our strategies on tested SEO techniques and apply them to your specific needs for your business. We don’t offer cookie-cutter internet marketing.

The difference between us and large corporate agencies is that we discover and attack untapped potential that your competitors overlook. We serve our clients as their experienced and genuine local SEO expert. We provide consulting, seo services, design and development, custom programming, website setup, web hosting, and more.

Experience Counts

We have been in business for 20 years. Our strategies are based on time-tested methods, and we mean it when we say they are TESTED. No fluff, no marketing-speak. We provide results that improve your bottom line.

Our two decades of experience speaks volumes in an industry that is barely that old!

Local SEO Packages Customized for YOUR Business

An optimized online presence can make a remarkable difference in the growth of your business. If you are ready to discover the difference, you can get started today. An affordable local seo service make a dramatic impact on your business.

Your customers are looking for you online – right now.

So what are YOU waiting for?